When it comes to blog monetization, bloggers have a number of options to choose from.  Most bloggers earn an income by placing ads on their blogs, but there are other ways to make money.  For example, some bloggers will sell a book, some might ask for donations.  There are even a variety of choices to make money with advertisements. One such option is adding advertisements to your RSS Feed.

Recently we discussed how to use an RSS Feed to increase your blog’s readers, but that’s not the only thing that you can do with an RSS Feed. One of the main drawbacks discussed about using RSS feeds is that it sometimes means that your readers don’t actually visit your blog. So, if you’re monetizing your blog using ads, those readers aren’t seeing them and aren’t clicking on them.

By monetizing your RSS Feed, you no longer have that problem. You can make money blogging by placing ads in your RSS Feed.

How do you monetize your RSS Feed?

There are several different websites that help bloggers place ads on their feeds, like Adsense for Feeds, Pheedo and Kanoodle for Feeds; these are just a few options – this article here can tell you about several other providers for monetizing your RSS Feed.  These companies place ads that are relevant to your readers either by using contextual ads or by choosing a particular topic or category.

RSS Feed Ad Options

Bloggers have a variety of options regarding what types of ads are used in their feeds.  In addition to choosing between text ads and banner ads, they can also be pay per click or pay per mille type ads.  You can choose what size ads you would like to use and where you would like to place them. Some bloggers place them at the top of the article; you can even wrap the text around them if you want. You could also place them at the bottom.

Benefits of using RSS Feed Ads

By using ads in your RSS Feed, you can still receive profits from readers who don’t necessarily visit your. As discussed in our previous article, sometimes readers subscribed to an RSS Feed just read an article in the feed, and don’t actually visit the site. This especially a problem if you are posting the entire article in the feed, instead of just posting an excerpt. To combat this issue, RSS Feed ads help you make money off those readers who just read the feed. It’s a way to cover all your bases.

There is one downside. Just like when you monetize your blog using ads, some readers might be turned off by seeing the ads, and you risk having people unsubscribe from your feed. If you want to start introducing feed ads, try putting a small 468×80 size ad at the bottom of your feed, where it’s less disruptive to your readers.

So if you want to get paid to blog using ads, but also use an RSS Feed to increase your blog traffic, RSS feed ads are a great solution. You still can earn money for those readers not visiting your site.