If you’re looking to get more traffic to your blog, you should use Social Media. So many people sign into Social Media websites like Facebook and Twitter every day, and by sharing your new posts, you can reach your whole network of friends, and possibly even your friends’ network of friends, too.

How to Use Facebook To Get Blog Traffic

Whenever a Facebook user or Twitter user publishes a status, it goes into what is called the News Feed. Whenever someone logs into one of these sites, he or she sees this News Feed, which is constantly updated with posts about what his or her friends are doing. So if Bob logs in and shares a link to an article that he really liked, everyone sees it.

You can update your status and post a link to your blog’s newest entry. This will publish an article in all of your friends’ news feeds letting them know that you updated your blog. If your blog is new, this can be a great way to get initial followers. It’s still a good idea to do even if you already have visitors, too. Include a picture in the Facebook post if you can (make sure its relevant) and write a good headline to catch your friends’ attention.

Try to think about what hours your friends are most active. You want to publish the post when you think more of your friends will see it and visit your blog.

Get Retweets in Twitter

Facebook isn’t the only way to advertise your blog. You can also update your status in Twitter. The benefit to using Social Media is that it makes it very easy for users to retweet or share something they really like. On Twitter, for example, if they see a post they really like, all they have to do is click “Retweet” and then it shares it with everyone following their feed. So it’s easier to get your links to snowball when you’re using these networks of people.

See if you can get a few of your friends to retweet your post or to share the link to your blog on Facebook as well so that you can reach their network of friends, too.

Share Icons

Somewhere on your blog entry page, you can include little icons called “Share Icons”. You’ve probably seen these on news websites. For example, there might be a Facebook icon that says “Share”. This is an easy way for readers to share something on Facebook, Twitter, or whatever Social Media site they are using. All they have to do is click the link and goes into their news feed. This is an easy way to get your posts to spread and to increase blog traffic. Just put the icons somewhere near the bottom or top of your post where your readers can easily see it.

Create a Fan Page for Your Blog

If you already have a handful of followers, consider adding a fan page to your blog. Like an email newsletter, this is a great way to keep in touch with people. When your readers “Like” your fan page, then you can send them updates and messages whenever you want. Let them know that you added a new post, that you’re doing a give away, etc. This way you can promote your blog by reaching all of your fans.

Additional Tips For Using Social Media

Be careful and don’t update too frequently – basically, don’t get spammy. Keep some space in between your posts so that your friends don’t get bored of seeing you in their feed too much. If you are always posting the same thing, remember that people can choose to hide your posts and you don’t want them to do that!

Remember, if you’re trying to earn money blogging, you need to have traffic. Facebook and other Social Media sites are a gold mine for traffic, so don’t pass up on using them. They can greatly increase your site traffic so start using them today.