How It Works

PaidToBlog is a blog network that pays it’s bloggers a large share of the Advertising revenue displayed on their blog. This revenue share is currently 75%, and is all handled through our trusted partner Google. If you’re somewhat new to blogging, we have a ton of resources to turn your blogging hobby into a money making profession, and because the more money you make – the more we do, so all of our efforts go into making you as much money as possible. Theres no startup costs or hidden fees of some kind, the only cost *ever* is your free-time.

But what�s Google Adsense and how exactly do I get money for my blog?

Simply, advertisements are displayed on your blog that match your blog’s content (if your blog is about race cars, ads related to race cars will show). These advertisements are not obtrusive and do not popup. They are actually helpful to a good majority of visitors to your blog because of their relevance to your content, as they connect the visitor to other useful sites. When an Ad is clicked on by a visitor, you’ve just made some money. The amount you make per click depends on how much the advertiser paid for the click, and some clicks can earn you 50 cents to a $1 each click (this all depends on your content). Almost 49% of the websites on the internet now contain Google Adsense Ads, and it’s most likely you’ve never noticed them. They blend in with the page, so that visitors only notice them when they are looking for something. At the end of the month, Google totals up all the clicks you received on your blog that month and sends you a check! If you’d like to know more about Google Adsense, go here.

How Do I Increase Website Traffic? There multiple ways in modern internet marketing and advertising to increase your websites traffic. One classic way is to find link exchange partners. In this method you find similar websites, contact the website owner and ask them if they would like to exchange links. You can also find automated services that get you backlinks faster. Of course you can always sign up for pay per click services such as Pay Per Click Advertising and there is also microsoft search advertising services that you pay for traffic with.